Phasers to maximum, Maintaining same programming

October 3, 2012

The plan for the foreseeable operation of EWG is to phase out the slot commissions for a good while, at least until all work is caught up and on schedule. Too often all that gets done in a day is that day's slot orders, and that takes away from the premium clients that so graciously provide work for me and are willing to pay for the quality work offered on my pricelist. That being said, in general I'm behind on everything right now, and I believe a few solid weeks of cranking on existing orders will rectify this situation. So slots are being phased out, and the 4 types of commissions I enjoy working on the most are all that is being offered. I am happy to complete anything not on that list at the moment that is currently already ordered but will only be taking what is on that list for future orders.

This pricelist can be viewed at or on this website at EWG Pricelist page.

Thanks for everyones support as massive life transitions will be a constant delay on orders getting completed though I will make sure to complete them with quality and efficiency to the best of my ability. Thank you!

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