Back in the studio

September 12, 2012

Yeah so the major hurdle currently is over in my opinion and recovery is underway. My wife is an amazing woman and tough as nails. She will be dealing with a lot of pain and nausea for the rest of the week but she will be healing up as opposed to continuing to have the same problem with no resolution. Everyday after today, which as we're understanding it, is the hardest day as far as level of pain and all that, will get better and better. Any follow up therapy down the line is just part of the maintenance on this problem and a step in the life-long goal of keeping this from happening again and maintaining her overall quality of life :)

I can't believe I didn't work at all last week hardly, I think Tues and Wed nights I did but after that things got more critical and she got moved and i spent the whole week driving to and back and being at Pittsburgh. Then all day Monday was spent tense and hopeful as Kristina had her brain surgery. But she came out solid, the surgeon did great, and shes on the fast track to normalcy once again. I'll be able to get back to work each day at least half a day or so. Please keep the orders coming, can definitely use the business as things will get HELLA tight for us financially in coming months. Thanks in advance! Back in the studio again! Lets get this stuff out the door...

Many items which dont get a lot of requests on my commission pricelist are still available, but for the rest of September, I am concentrating on the #1 selling item I offer, which is the discounted Full Color Character Art - the $20 slots - I'm going to start by only offering 10 a week as I get other items out the door but it could be very well raised to 20 or 30 a week depending on demand. They're lots of fun and really come with a great value for customers wanting original artworks of their favorite and original characters.

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