The plan stan...

September 19, 2012

The plan for October on will be offering a very simple array of items, and focusing on doing those the best that I can. Dropping stuff that takes a lot more time for things that I can excel at and improve on big time. 

Will be going more the character artist/ designer route than offering a full range of services. This of course, as is the nature of owning/operating a business... is one giant experiment, destinted to change hands many times over. But I think for now, with looming challenges in personal life and other things, will work best. 
I will for the foreseeable future only be offering character art commissions, namely $20 commissions. As they are a great value for customers, and far less stressful to work on for me. I will however continue to consider other projects like CD cover art, logos, comic art, tshirts and other jobs. But my main focus will be single character art for the time being. The $30.00 base will replace the $20 commissions come early October and will feature some more features that customers will like. This will be a base that can be added onto with-in limits, like full background, character design and several characters in one commission. 
The $30.00 price will also fit better into my general $15 an hour pricing base.

Hope those who enjoy 20.00 commissions will see the added value and instead of trying to get each piece done in an hour and a half with no changes and no add ons available, it'll allow me a full 2 hours to do it and i'll also allow changes and other customizations. 


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