Star Trek

September 16, 2012

The original guys. I've never really done any Startrek fan art before, I mean some general sketches in sketchbooks or such in passing... but nothing fullblown like this. Was a lot of fun and will have to do it again. Kirk (shatner) Spock (Nimoy) and the original Enterprise (love the one from the movies) ... all based on photoreferences enough to pull out little character likenesses but basicaly drew everything trying to 'make it mine' and just do my style and do the characters, with cues that would point to the actors likenesses but was mostly meant to be mystyle. So theres little small differences in the real ones and my interpretations. Lots of fun. Spock was a little tricky, I feel like I nailed exactly what I wanted for kirk and the enterprise, I didn twant the warp drives hidden behind the saucer like a lot of reference, so I drew them in mroe perspective and sorta designed them as i was feeling it. The red bars look kinda cool no?
A little trick while working for an advertising agency that did lots of West Virginia University sports materials, was blending it all together with the floating figures and anchoring it to the background and just making everything go together not just have something randomly floating. So I thought a neat way to do that for this piece (and also make the black lineart pop from the space background) was to use some nebula stock photo and blend in the yellow/ blue of kirk and spocks shirts onto the nebula texture, and then i also overlaid lots more stars. Spiffy no? 
Had a lot of fun on this... just what i needed tonight. Totaly just zoned into this and had a blast. Great jumpstart on the ol' creativity for the BUSY BUSY week ahead!

Did the whole thing on livestream, but far as I know I hit a wrong button or something when saving and it didn't save to my Livestream channel. Booo... ah well. 

And this was done for the theme this past week of 'Star Trek'. I started out thinking I wanted to just kinda do my own starfleet ship concept, then i was like 'i wanna do a badass kirk' and it turned into this LOL.
Anywho, great fun this art jam group is, with weekly themes... check them out:

Fun stuff!

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