Thursday Night Livestream: Open Commission Night - Recap

November 22, 2013

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Livestream failed to save part 1 of the Livestream session but part two is up 



Lastnight's Thursday Night Livestream, Open Commission Night was a big success! I did not get as many done live as I wanted but I'm sure people didn't want to stay up that late anyways. I tried for about six if I received that many orders but only finished 4. This mainly being because though I was keeping each piece about an hour each I noticed small breaks and generaly slowing down as the night got later and later kept that pace from going so smoothly. All in all my goal for how many orders I got was more than met and there was great support from clients all around. 

Thank you for your support if you paid and if you missed out, stay tuned! I don't know when but I will be sure to offer up a special next chance I get. 

The remiander of orders will be added to the order tracking at some point by Monday and will be completed as soon as possible. Also if theres any left to do next available time to Livestream I will flip the stream back on so those who didn't get to see theirs drawn live can come back out and do that. 

Have a great weekend!

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