Halloween Night Livestream Recap

November 1, 2013

Tonight was great. Following some Trick Or Treat handing-outting with my wife and watching the original Evil Dead, I was fueled on candy and coffee and churned out 3 pieces in one Livestream session. And they're all of signifcant awesome. As a thanks to the three individuals who bought the Halloween SPecial this past week, I upgraded their orders to full color no extra charge. Thats how EWG rolls!

A soundtrack with classic stereotypical halloween music and my own blend of edgy orignals including ramones, cranbarries sepultura, fall out boy and more were played. The full set can be read on the Release post for this stream.

Below is the 4 hour video of the session. Thanks to the dozen or so folks who came out and the 3 or 4 who signed in names so I could see who made it out. The other 4-8 we'll say are ghostly visitors :)

Hope everyone had a Happy and safe Halloween! Can't believe its over already. See everyone next stream!

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