Takes A Village To Warmup - 45 min warmup

November 20, 2013

Doing some logo / spot graphic vector art sketching for warm-up this morning. About 45 minutes overall. I think one of my favorite things to do in my business is when a client comes to me and gives me a sketch of what they're looking for and say 'vector this/ finish this out'. I like taking something existing and embellishing/ finishing and taking it to that next finished level. 

Anyways! Tossed some pen-tool on the sucker and though meant to keep it around 30 min ended up spending closer to an hour. Ah well, that happens to me a lot. I stick to the 'get it done do it in a short time' and end up getting into it and getting ideas to make it extra cool and this is what happens. 

Hence numerous character art commissions that have no background which means i get into the piece and add a base for them to stand on and environmental elements and clouds and dynamic lighting and... lol, what can I say. Enjoy what I do. Onto lots of drawing today! Have a good one!

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