Draenei - World Of Warcraft - Stream Commission

March 3, 2016

#worldofwarcraft #sketchbook #inkscape #photoshop #fantasy #digitalart

Finished Stream Commission done tonight on EWG Twitch channel! This was for Oboe and while waiting for other sketch requests or full blown commission requests I worked on this and didn't get another one all night. So just kept adding to this one pulling out this and that from the ol' artistic bag o trix. Was a lot of fun. Come out when I stream in the evenings and commission me on the spot I'll do the whole thing there live. Alright have a good night!

Will be streaming warmup tomorrow 9amEST and streaming commission work while taking sketch requests 3pmEST and that'll be it till after the weekend!

If you missed the stream of this WOW character you can see it for a few weeks before it gets retired on the EWG Twitch video page - http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/52201688

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