EWG Drawings For Donations Stream Recap - 3-22-16

March 22, 2016

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Tonight's first installment of the new Drawings For Donations stream that I'll be doing every Tues/ Thursday at 9pmEST went well! 

Had a donation from Oboe (The current EWGroupie King) for his WoW OC with some Thor armor applied. He also donated at a high enough tier so that his request was added to my normal commission queue and will be finished in solid inks and colors within the next week or two. 

Then got a donation from TamTam for a digital pencil drawing head-to-toe tier of his new OC 'Invicibelle' which I really enjoyed as well.

Before getting these requests and after finishing them I worked on some a Daredevil netflix series homage/fanart. Its still in progress but I'm happy with how murdock has shaped up. While homaging the series character designs and actors I'm also staying loose with my own design tweaks and aesthetics. Will work on this more come Thursday and possibly during next week's Tues/Thurs Drawing For Donations streams as well. I held a 5 Minute Freebie sketch request session at the end as I usualy do but nobody bit. So I ended the stream there and filed it under a success. I think now with my more concrete schedule, I will be able to get more viewers/ participants to join in on the fun on the evening streams more in the future.

Any requests received during any other time of the week is added to a list and drawn in order of received during the Tuesday and Thursday shows. Inks and Colors tiers are treated as normal commissions and MAY (but not always) be done on stream during the afternoon/ mornings.

Also, once the follower count hits 100 I will be giving away either a finished digital pencils drawing like above for free. So be sure to help get me to 100 followers so one lucky winner can win that prize!
See you Thursday 7pmEST! And every Tues/Thurs at 7pmEST!
Also hope you'll stop by say hi and check out my regular creative work during weekdays!

Incase you missed it, heres the replay of the stream:https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/56038610

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