EWG Drawing Request Show Episode 2 Recap

March 25, 2016

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This is the second in this format I've done and the best yet for sure. This is the first real official 'Drawing Request Show' I've done. Previously was less 'official'. This was an absolute blast. The show launched at 7pmEST and went till 2am! Everyone got one free drawing request per stream, and then after that could request again $5 each. Also available to do on stream there and then was $15 finished 'commission' level pencil drawings. Got one of those.

During the first half of the stream, the 100 Follower threshold was crossed, and a giveaway was held for a digitally inked character art piece. Congratulations to Oboeshoes for winning! Will finish up the sketch of the nude girl on the surfboard for him for his request.

Midway, there was a hilarious battle for list priority by three folks in the chat. Every 5 dollars donated whether for an additional request or for cutting in line gets you moved up front. Cut off by somebody after you that donates. In that order. So if you want back in front, you have to donate another 5. Only fair. Whatever folks are willing to donate to stay up front is what it comes down to. Otherwise if you don't donate anything and are willing to wait you may absolutely do so! Any I do not get to I will move to the next stream (doing this Tuesdays and Thursdays each week).

At the end held a giveaway for a finished digital pencil drawing, congrats to MrHalfAwake for winning!

Enjoyed the drawings, lots of pokemon and personal characters. Had a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it again. See you after the weekend!

Also announced on the stream at the end the Easter Egg Hunt! Will be kicking off 1200am Sunday morning! Going till 1159pmEST sunday night!

If you missed the 6-7 hour stream, check it out here. I'll upload it to YouTube/ cut out some highlights at a later time! https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/56422959

Morning/Afternoon streams Monday through Friday are just to interact and observe my EWG work in progress. But come out Tuesday/ Thursday nights at 7pmEST for drawing request show! See you then!

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