FridgeFormer - Homemade Transformers Week

March 15, 2016

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This week's theme is 'home made transformers'. This means I'm drawing things I'd find in my normal everyday life that may never really be used for transformers characters in the mainstream canon. Yesterday I did a transformer version of my house, and today I did one based loosely on our fridge (for design purposes I included different drawer setup and magnets/ pictures on the doors) twas a lot of fun. Respond below or on any of the social sites this posts to about ideas of normal everyday structures objects or what not (no cars or planes) that might make a fun transformer to design.

Will be doing this all week. Will also post the house former after this as I did not post it yesterday.

Join me between 9am and 10amEST each morning this week for another on EWG twitch

Thursday is ST patties. I have a dentist checkup where a leprechaun is going to check my tooth extraction and take out stitches. After that, I am going to do a warmup (probably around noon/1pmEST) perhaps mixing st  patricks day and this homemade transformers theme and then work on commission orders all day, playing irish punk rock and using a fancy green interface and maybe even wearing some green. I feel like I should spend the whole stream talking in a horrible made up irish accent too. But that could get racist fast... and thats not cool lol...

See ya then

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