House Former - Homemade Transformers Week

March 15, 2016

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Drew this lastnight on the tablet, started falling asleep towards the end haha you can see the 'fell asleep' line at the staircase wing on the top right lol. How it veers up randomly. Other than that this was fun as hell to do. Based on my wife and I's house, bay window for the chest, garage for the pelvis, head comes out of the attic floor when the roof parts into shoulder pads. The gun is a combination of waterheater and furnace parts. The axe forms from the flagpole we have outfront. The deck forms rigging and such on the back and theres pipes and wiring laced throughout. The back room extension turns into the legs and the 'concrete' foundation becomes the feet. Stair cases form 'wings' which might have multiple usesor just be for show. the windows can open pop out extra guns or gadgets or such. His helmet is made up of washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher (which we dont have but needed a 4th) and so yeah. Fun stuff.

Come out to each morning this week for an other 'homemade transformer' exercise. 9am-10amEST

Thursday I'll be streaming closer to 1pmEST with a st patricks day/ homemade transformer mashup and having lots of stpattys themed fun all day.

Also a little birdy told me the leprechaun is going to hide a pot of gold on this website somewhere and whomever finds it gets a half price fully inked/ colored one character no background art (11x17 300dpi)

Have a good one!

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