May Live Sketch Night A Wrap

May 22, 2014

See the finished works, the full video from the session, and previous 'preview demo' videos of work start to finish at the Livestream event page here:

Above is the 3 pieces and a couple WIP screenshots from tonights Livestream event 'May Live Sketch Request Night'. The event was a lot of fun. I believe it was good exposure and a good opportunity to showcase my skill and speed with a variety of subject matter. There was only one purchase, by a wonderful client who came out and snatched up some awesome Spider Girl art! After that I doodled Howard the Duck for fun waiting for orders, and then a gift for TnC of a crazy Cory vs Steve picture. Perhaps TnC meets The Goon or something. Anywho, would havel iked to get more paid orders but the overall exhibition was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed just cutting loose doing whatever on the howard and cory pieces. Really happy with the Spider Girl piece as well. Will try to do a live sketch night once a month! So those who were interested but didn't make it out.. stay tuned!
Thanks to Livestream for posting the event when it went live, and also for have a great thing like the event page that can be followed and host images/ videos related to the event. I think that combined with the producer application is a great step forward from the problems I faced with 'procaster' and just using the old Livestream interface.
All in all a nice night - no technical difficulties - just draw draw draw and had lots of fun doing it. 
Whats not to like?


  1. cory matthews said...:

    I know Ive talked you in the past about the music lagging on visectro, or whatever its called. But this was the smoothest session Ive been able to sit in on. Very happy. Work hours have limited my ability to make your times ( my west coast vs your eastern time), so this was a nice treat tonight. Artwork looked awesome. And someone got a very nice Spidergirl piece, for sure.

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Yea, Picarto still has a long way to go. Theres lots of 'ease of use' i like about it. But this setup is miles better than the original livestream. will use it for recorded events from now on. hop on picarto for more casual stuff! thanks so much for coming out, enjoy the art !:)

  1. EctoMaster said...:

    Damn, I would've had at least 1-2 ideas...Next time though.

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