Happy McDonalds Mascot Reworked Concepts - Take 1

May 20, 2014

In response to the creepy new mascot McDonalds just released - I thought I'd experiment with how I might design a character based on the smiley faced happy meal box. Here's about 15 min worth of cute ideas I had - mainly I wanted to make the arches ears and went from there... what do you think? I want to play with this more later on. But anything I think is better than the creepy thing they came up with!


  1. Steve said...:

    Dude, this is fantastic. What you "whipped up" is so much better than the thing some committee probably came up with :).

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Thanks man! Perhaps their result is the effect when you get too much input from too many directions. I bet the main artist probably came up with something way better but the old cronies in charge whittled at it till it ended up the way it is. I could see it now, some big wig like 'i got this idea, and since I'm the boss we're going with it... lets get rid of the yellow smile all together, and give him a realistic face. you seen that movie cars? lets make the box like that... except even more realistic!' and much to the groaning and signing of the creatives it has to be done the way the boss wants.... been through many of those situations, and i'm thinking htis was probably one of those. and my designs only cost 30 bucks they probably spent hundreds lol.

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