Warmup Girly - 45 min sketch

May 15, 2014

Post lunch warmup this afternoon - just turnin on some upbeat music, drawin a cute girly. Saw a cool fitness-model woman posed like this really liked it, didn't use the photo at all just from my head - so sorta emulating that pose/ effect, the animes tyle face and the socks n stuff is just me havin fun, drawin what i thought my look cute on this cute girly sketch. 
Had a lot of fun drawin this, playing with tones and the rendering and then the design aspect of the canvas carrying into the figure itself. Don't draw this smexy stuff much lately so fun to cut loose and indulge on occassion. Brush tool/ wacom intuos 2/ photoshop 6 about 45 min.
Onto the job stuff once again

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