B-29 Bass Warmup

March 19, 2013

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Just finished this warm up that went from about 930 to 1015 so about 45 or less. Just sat down and drew whatever I thought would be fun. I came up with this, wanted to do a cyberpunk type girl with massive sci-fi headgear and the like and have fun with the overall design. I see this as some WWII-esque B29 future DJ 'B29 Bass' - her collar is a mp3player her headset is wireless and her chin strap is a microphone and her shoulder openings are speakers or something. Dunno! Just had fun with it. Alright, but I  think 30 min in I officially started feeling that 'groove' so I say I'm warmed up and ready to tackle today's Ungrounded work. Going to try to do one page a day see how that goes and everything else around it. 
Also thinking about eventually collecting up all my gray toned sketches styled like this into a book and releasing it this year and call it something like 'The Gray Area' or something. We'll see... alright have a great Tuesday!

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