Ungrounded Pg6 Panel Process

March 20, 2013

Wanted to share this page I finished up this week. But as I don't want to spoil any of the awesomeness in Ungrounded, just showing this panel that I thought had a lotta impact and energy to it (yuk yuk). 

1. So at bottom is the gesture i really wanted to get the pose/ angle on this shot right so i tried a couple different gesture sketches and loved this one. I worked loose on a larger canvas so as to really come up with something fluid.

2. The digital pencils refined over it enough to ink over. I pretty much kept the background and lightning effects loose/ and fleshed those out in the inking step

3. The inks, all inked up line art and black fills plus some extra hatching and details and breaking up black spaces with white hatching

4. The finished colors. Flats and effects, figuring out how to handle the shadows based on the electricity. Fun stuff!

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