The Juggler From JuggleTown

March 20, 2013

A quick message to all clients currently with orders in the spool! Thanks so much for your patience. I just have a lotta juggling going on right now. I'm hoping to get a lot of smaller projects out of the way so all I'm doing is the two or three comic jobs I'm committed to right now.

Will officially start taking less commissions except for occasional spots I might be able to make available in a given week. My ideal right now is to wrap up a bunch of orders so I can put my best work into the two or three comic jobs I got going now and knock those out of the park.

But till then, I will be making the comic jobs priority each week, and working on everything else around it. Not that they're less important, just nature of time requirements. Comic pages are production hogs. Very labor intensive. The whole idea behind my business is labor intensive anyways but comic jobs probably take up the most time and resources. The other ones are actually more freestyle and relaxing comparatively.

So that's the word. Please be patient, I'm getting as many done each week as I can!

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