EWG Livestream Demo Tonight!

March 14, 2013

The above ad says it all! Hope to see a great turnout tonight! As this will be the last demonstration of EWG work till at least April! Only othertime I might have livestream on is when I'm working late and its nice to have people come in and chat a bit to help keep me goin. But other than that, this is the last official scheduled event where you can see the recording happen live start to finish for at least a month. 

Click the 'EWG LIVESTREAM' button on the left of this website, or just click this link
http://eryckwebb.blogspot.com/2013/02/ewg-on-livestream.html if your watching, be sure to say 'hi' in the chat if not get in on some convo with other watchers. Always a good time. 
Alright, this event is scheduled from 8pm-12am but that could go longer ya never know :) 

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