Happy Thursday

March 14, 2013

Slept in an extra hour this morning. Woke up to some gorgeous sunny blue skies. Both the wife and her mom are sleeping well so not to disturb them I snuck around, got a cinnamon roll a big mug o coffee and getting to work! Laa tee daaa... will have to take the dog outside for a walk in a bit.
Lots to do today, going to try and get some other orders like a 2 page comic commish, a martial arts shirt and other such materials sout the door today. Will tackle more ungrounded tomorrow all day.
Don't forget theres a 8pm Livestream of DWald's sexy female heroine from a MMO he hhplays. Will be doing her up in full color commish style to night at 8pmEST, come out ask questions, take notes see it go from start to finish yada yada. When I HAVE to work late to meet production goals I turn on livestream and invite people to come in, keep me company and enjoy the show but if tonight doesn't see a very big response I'll probably not be doing another scheduled live event for at least a month or so. But honestly, if nobodies coming out then why bother. My thanks of course to the two or three regulars out there but...

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