IGPX Fan Art - Takeshi of Satomi

March 29, 2013

Kinda excited to have finished this, a tribute to IGPX main character Takeshi Jin of Team Satomi. I always liked their colors and their logo. And really like the series. Probably best series to come out of Cartoon Network's studios previous to the current era of programming. Big fan, have the season 1 box set, never seen season 2 but its on my to do list for 'eventualy'. And love having an excuse to do up some proper fan art. This piece is posted on Facebook and DeviantArt as well as http://thecomicartalliance.blogspot.com site.
Anywho, was a good cooldown piece for lastnight and fun warmup to finish up this morning. Check out the original promo of the show below. Voiced by the legendary PETER CULLEN. This promo gives me tingles man. The show was awesome, CN should bring it back.

Characters and Logos are of course property of Cartoon Network and art is by EWG

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