THOTH - Pre-page pencils warmup

March 13, 2013

The Egyptian god THOTH, a character design I wanted to do a test drawing of after a design sketch I did this morning. Egyptian but whose to say he cant be bigger more glorious than Egyptians usually depict him? And instead of a bird head I made his mask sort of mimic that. With his symbol for his helmet and also goes on his staff. My own original design but taking notes from Jack Kirby for sure! He designed the most intimidating regal and mighty looking god-folk ever. The crane that represents THOTH is symbolized on his chest emblem, and then I use the half shut eye on his helmet and his collar and belt. Think there's definitely some metaphor behind having the half shut eye on him. He may have ended up more Aztec looking but still I think there's a divinity to how hes presented that translates to many of those types of cultures.

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