Chev maybe? And New Site Design

March 18, 2013

Did this warmup this afternoon, was meant to be a tooned up version of Jason Statham's 'Chev Chelios' from the crank serires. But came out more... middle eastern thug or something haha. 
Ah well, also gave me a chance to post something new up! And give a shout out to check out the new EWG website design. More content, better arranged and also my personal fav, a very VERY functional search bar option :) Paruse the articles, leave comments and feedback, or check out the various sections of the site, now categorized as 'artwork' for all personal and work related posts as well as related events 'news' for the notebook updates on thoughts and ideas and releases for announcements and 'inhouse' for stuff related to the inner workings.

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