Warmup Art, Livestream Schedule And More

March 12, 2013

Hope everyone's having a good week so far. I have had a weird morning and day yesterday. I think male PMS may actually be a real thing. That or manic depression haha. But whats the cure? ART! And... lots and lots of coffee :) That being said, sorry if I seemed short with anybody in the past day or so. I think my psychology follows the phases o the moon sometimes. I swear. THAT being said, here is some fresh warm-up art this morning. 

One of my original characters I've had FOREVER but have kept on a shelf for too long. Hes one of those characters that is just so epic he stews for years before he sees actual green-light  Hes one of those characters that I approach it every couple of years and go 'nope, not time yet' and i figure after much technical growth, brainstorming and years of artistic growth, I will one day approach him again and go 'it is time.' I feel like its close, as this is perhaps my best rendition of him to date. Perhaps, with my business and everything pushing my skills where they've never gone before, I am almost at a level that can do proper justice to this guy and his story. His name is Malcom, an amphibious kangaroo-like "cigar" smoking bad-ass from outer space who doesn't talk, much? But his actions speak volumes. And he is coming. I am pretty sure after Jumping Boy. You'll see a WHOLE lot more of this guy.

Working on Ungrounded all week, most heavily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (penciling inking two pages on each) with followup finishes after proofing on Tues/Thurs etc. To achieve better balance between work and downtime, I will be halting work in the evenings in most cases. And will only work in the evenings if I have daily to-dos that require me to work over. There for I am canceling the 'open live-stream table' for next week and this weeks Tuesday and Thursday night Live-streams will be the last ones for a while. 

So with that, I invite people who are interested in seeing comic art happen live, come out TONIGHT and Thursday night, 8pm-12pm for two more sessions that will be the last for a while. 

Tonight (3/12) Doing MASTER CHIEF from Halo w/ full background full color illustration
Thursday (3/14) Doing a sexy female original character full color no/simple background

Both starting at 8pmEST - see you then! Feel free to chat it up in the chatroom, I will chime in when possible, but as always will be hard at work on the art of course :) 

Alright, so that's the word for the week. Thanks in advance for everyone's support. There will be more Livestreams in the future, but might only get to do one a month, and they'll be a more purposeful event of more interest to fans. We'll see what that ends up being. 

comments/suggestions and more are always welcome (comment below!)

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