Average Comic Artist Page Production Rates

March 15, 2013

Thought I would cap off the week with this interesting article I found about professional comic artist and how many pages they produce a year/ month/ week. As I was wondering if my five a week goal was too ambitious. I think if it was aboslutely all I was doing at this moment in time it would be fine but its definitly a little harder. Crazy to think 75% of comic artists produce 3 pages a week? 2 months to produce one book. Not too bad I guess. But I'm trying to be that 3% :) Bryan hitch is a beast with tons o' detail so I can imagine on Ultimates he did 2-3 pagse a week look at the work it speeks for itself.

Heres the article, thoughts/ comments questions are welcome and encouraged! What are your thoughts on this?

Have a great weekend, see you next week to start all over again. have a safe St Patties and so forth!


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