Drawing Request Show e218 Recap: The 4th was strong with this one!

May 4, 2017

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As of this post, all the art above has been sent! Thanks so much to all who came out made this StarWars Day edition of Drawing Request Show an epic one! A 5.04 alert was setup as just a special alert for the day. But a surprise was offered for those who donated that amount. The offer of an 8min star wars chibi character of their choice for only that 5.04 amount. Was a blast to draw for people for so quick and also such a variety of characters. Perhaps something to consider for future streams! Was a blast and we still have a lot more i didn't get done. So I will see everyone 10am to pickup where we left off! Have a great night and see you for an epic Friday ( aka Cinco De Mayo )

Heres a highlight of what happens when somebody donated 5.04 ( and got a chibi of their favorite starwars character in return ) 

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