Drawing Request Show e219 Recap

May 5, 2017

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As of this post, all the art above sent! Thanks all for a rare Friday stream. Was worn out from a long week and allergies, and kind of all over the place after a long week of experimenting with the stream/ business. But I really appreciate and enjoyed the IRL stream panel we had for the first hour of the stream today talking about what did / didnt work on the stream this week. I value all the input and range of feedback I got. Thank you guys! Big ups to all the giveaway winners this week and massive congrats to the Top Supporters this week, Trayde, Leokage, KingKonigTiger, AlexRhaine, Codybedrock, Hamiltoons and everyone else. Thank you so much! 

I will be working hard this weekend to get everything fine tuned and straight so we can just hit the ground running and draw next week! Next week i'll be taking the mornings off from any streaming, just relaxing and tending to Eryck Webb Graphics matters that I've been neglecting. But as always, you can count on Drawing Request Show to go live 2pmEST all week! I am even playing with starting at 1pmEST so we can do a 4 hours stream. We'll see. I think Tuesday I MAY postpone the stream to the evening so Kiwii and I can go see Gaurdians Of The Galaxy. So looking forward to that movie. 

Thanks so much guys, and thank you for all the support an encouragment! From me, Kiwii, Wally and Moobot... THANK YOU! We will continue to work hard to make your faith and support in what we do worth it! Thank you!

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