Drawing Request Stream e216 Recap and Rebranding Commentary

May 2, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Today was the first day of a new rebranding. No longer is the Twitch stream EWG presents Drawing Request Show and morning EWG Production and Eryck Webb Graphics off stream. Its just all one thing... Eryck Webb. And while many things remain the same, all of them are combined into one brand, that brand is me, Eryck Webb. I am the one man brand. ( Kristina is a crucial part of the business behind the scenes as well ). Through streaming and creating art for customers and fans on Twitch for the last two years people have really gotten to recognize me by the orange hat with two white stripes. So I felt like it should be the new logo.

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So over the weekend ( I took Monday off ) for three days I worked and toiled at new graphics and a new plan for my Twitch stream and commission business. Why not make them all one thing? I teased different concepts in the works all weekend. Some are still under way to be released in coming weeks but as of today 10am I launched EryckWebb the brand, in place of DRS/ EWG and anything else. Today felt like a new stream. Like streaming for the first time. There was moments of familiarity and recognizability from past streams but for the most part it felt new, and also felt a bit off. 

I mark today's launch as a bit of a miss. It wasn't bad, but wasn't very good either. I worked on a 6 character comic cover commission piece that took all morning and then part of the afternoon. And only ended up doing about two sketch requests. 

I think going forward I might still keep commissions and upgrades to the mornings and drawing requests to the afternoon. But they will just be called that, it'll still all be under the EryckWebb stream umbrella. Also not sure if the new 4 wheel gratitude/ giveaway system is a hit or not. 

Tuesdays do tend to be slow in chat participation and general activity tho. I'm going to give it a week see what it looks like then. Then possibly rest of the month. Can always do a bit of a return to previous ways. But really want to stop juggling two different identities and have it all as one. If somebody commissions me via my website/ email, then it'll go on the same list as stream requests, and it ll all be done on stream. If they have a problem with it being viewed on stream i may not accept it. Pretty sure I'm going to put my focus and efforts 100% in to what i do best, character art and design and drop the other types of graphic art i previously offered. I want to push my character art and character design as far as i can! 

Well, thank you to everyone who came out, checked out the stream, encouraged me. Its a scary anxious thing. I'm basically starting a new business. But its made of old scraps of the previous businesses. I'm going to tweak things each week in an attempt to make it work better. But will reevaluate everything at the end of the month.

If I learned anything from 8 years of self employment, and two years as a full time twitch streamer, is that you have to wait. There is always a lof of patience and waiting in the beginning before it becomes something sustainable. But at least now I have the benefit of an established stream fan base. Now the trick is not to chase them all off. 

See you guys tomorrow 10am. Will be working on the only comic commission client Im currently working on for Trayde in the morning. And then working on that drawing request list in the afternoon. 

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