Drawing Request Show e222 Recap

May 10, 2017

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As of this post all art sent, check your whispers! Thanks so much to everyone who came out made Wednesday 5/10/17's Drawing Request Show a special one! First one in a week or so I felt was in rare form/ real solid. Loved every minute of it. But just as I had planned to go over a bit to draw more after hitting the follow goal and doing he daily giveaway, my computer blue screened and restarted unexpectedly lol. As we've struggled to cross the 630 barrier we made it to 634 thanks to SamPetersonArt's raid! Thanks mang! I whipped out a 10min troll with axes sketch for him but i feel it probably wasn't my best cause I had my buddies stevie and big brutis bust in my office RIGHT THEN lol. I was trying so hard to focus and crank out the art for the new folks from SamPeterson's community with stevie and brutus running amok in my studio LOL. Congrats to Trayde, KingTiger and Lynxie for your sketch wins. Look forward to drawing for you!
 Upon sending the art and posting this recap I'm running utilities to clean up the computer a bit. ChkDsk and Defrag and RegisteryCleaner and all that. Scanning for malware etc. I'll be all ready to run full bore tomorrow on all kinds of smexy arts. Heres a couple highlights and a picture from today's stream. 
Thanks so much and see you tomorrow 10amEDT for more! Doing some ink production in the morning then Drawing Request Show in the afternoon! Only at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

A couple videos from today

Warmup TMNT style ( Twitch censored a brief bit of audio in one spot, sorry)

Incase people thought I just bowed out there and then, heres what I saw when the stream ended suddenly lol. WAS intending on going a good bit longer. The hype was too real I guess.

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