Daily Discipline: Memorial Day Fly By 52917

May 29, 2017

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I have enjoyed a beautiful morning full of perfect weather and sunshine and could hear the VFA do a rifle salute and play taps down on mainstreet.  Walked wally around the block and around our beautiful local lincon park. Only to have a perfect memorial day moment. When we walked by the bottom of the park and were out in a clearing away from the trees. We were greeted by a low flying c130 doing a tight loop around the park. So close i could almost see the pilot and im sure he could see me watching from the park. He buzzed lincoln park (maybe for the VFA now that i think of it) and went around trucking past our house. So cool. Was inspired to depict that moment in my daily practice drawing today. So i drew this this morning before lunch, on twitch stream, as I sit in my studio with our american flag on our flag pole outside the window. Thank you to all who sacrificed to provide this beautiful place to live and live the way we do with the people we're lucky to know and have in our lives. I am not jaded. I am always thankful.

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