Good Morning! See You For Doodle Stream Tonight!

February 16, 2016

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Good Morning all! Getting going on some client work all day but looking very much forward to tonights DoodleStream and the one on Thursday as well! See folks out at 9pmEST! Grab a seat early and get your donation/ sketch request in ahead of the pack. I also use this time Tuesday and Thursday to decompress and work on my own drawing. The theme for tonight will be a retro video game fanart of a game I used to and still love to play to this day and have always wanted to do a fanart of it. I did a BubbleBobble fanart near the end of 2015 and this will be a fun one to do next! But if you want to see what game it is, you'll have to come out and see it. 

Each Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing a themed drawing of my own, all while taking donations which enable viewers to get from 1 minute to 15 minute doodle sketches. Plus if they want it finished for 24 or 36 dollars i'll schedule it to finish up all squeeky nice within the following week.

Anywho, come on out, enjoy the rants about movies videogames and comic stuff and get some sketches or watch the one I'm working on be created from the ground up!

See you then! Have a great Tuesday!

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