RoadRunner Slot Commission

February 12, 2016

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Thats it for this week. Above is the last slot of the week! Was a boat of fun and I enjoyed having Oboe out on the stream watching the creation. Also 2-4pm today I had DoodleStream session live and got one bite. The ping and black sketch below as my warmup before doing the doodlestream and the above slot commission. I like her retro vibe, women had some cool stylies back then. And then got a sweet 'witch' superheroine commission that i did a 15 minute sketch of and will finish in full black and white inks on Monday. I have a lot on my plate and will be devoting 100% and a couple hours tomorrow (saturday) to getting a comic project done as well as knocking out character art. So I will not be opening up slots for next week. I may however do two dedicated doodle sessions tuesday and thursday in place, or a live commission session. If you have a preference, comment below. 
Have a great weekend and see you all back at it on Monday!

My warmup at the start of today's 2 hour DoodleStream

A prview of the witch character I enjoyed doing a doodle of today. Finish it up on Monday!

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