Slew of Character Art Done This Evening

February 20, 2016

#digitalart #characterart #twitch #stream #inkscape #photoshop

Heres a look at a batch of character arts I got done tonight. 3 of which were already flatted thanks to my wife and partner in EWG crime Kristina. Then 3 were sketches from DoodleStream sessions on twitch that I finished inked and colored and then finished shades and highlights on the already flatted pieces. The one was just to be inked not colored but it made up for it in details I tell ya. All in all a great way to end the week. I didn't get to everything I wanted to today/ this week but got pretty darn close. Going forward I already have a better schedule mapped out for the next 2-3 weeks of work. So if your worried about 'wheres my cmmission' i can tell yuo more specificly. As always you can check the order tracking page as well. Alright, have a great weekend - and pick it all up next week! Will be looking forward to having folks out to Doodlestream 9pmEST on EWG twitch channel for the completion of that dig dug tribute piece and then thursday might do a straight up sketch request session. Who knows, have a good one!

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