EWG Doodle Stream 2-3-16 Recap

February 4, 2016

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The first EWG DoodleStream event was a success! I advertised a few days ahead of time to try to generate more interest and participation but did not receive the crowd quantity I was shooting for. But the folks who did join in the fun were great and donated dollars and requested great doodles. The sheet of random doodles above is from in between requests when I was free-style drawing whatever came to mind. Everything from krang to pokemon and wiley coyote. A couple of the headshots at bottom were for the viewers who donated at least a dollar, I did a quick 'minute' sketch. These were savage dragon, venom, and brock samson. One viewer requested megaman, but I never did see that dollar come through so no megaman. Below are the pieces requested for $6 donation or more!
'Wendy' from Gravity Falls for DaCommissioner thank you for your donation!

Melanie ortiz from ghostbusters comic having a close encounter of the ghostly kind and not too upset about it, for DaCommissioner  thank you for your donation!

A sweet robot OC for Robaschi whom I did a piece for earlier today, pre show as well.  thank you for your donation! He got this doodle sketch done in about 10-15 min and will have it finished inked and colored within the next week!

Salty Roo who i've done a few commissions for by now - with a hot rod rat fink vibe. Kangaroo skulls and suicide shift knobs to boot. Whats in that kangaroo jump juice anyways? For SaltyRoo  thank you for your donation!! He received this doodle and will receive a finished inked piece within the next week!

These are doodles for donations received previous to the event. AerialAxiom thank you for your donation!! He received the doodle of his warrior crab claw staff character. And will receive a finished inked and colored version in the following week! Robaschi thank you for your donation!! They got a doodle of their kid oc ready for adventure!

This overall was a good learning experience, and generaly a success. But I learned some things to do differently next time. I also will be experimenting with days and times to see what works better for traffic and such. Eventualy, I would like to see lots of shoutouts in the chat of subjects and themes to doodle and a healthy amount of donations for doodle requests! But it will take time to build up an audience for that sort of thing. All in all, a good first try and I have some notes to take with me for next time. 
Get everyone their finished pieces in the coming week! Should have them all wrapped up by Wednesday! Enjoy the rest of your week! Goodnight!

The screen configuration as seen by viewers during the event

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