Good Morning! Getting A Jump On Work This Wednesday Morning!

February 17, 2016

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Good Morning! Getting a jump on work this morning, took a few minutes to line up the work I'm looking at for the next two weeks. So clients that recognize their orders here can be assured if your not finished by the end of next week you'll at least be halfway there with a proof by then. Or for some large orders like dmi and csullivan you will have your jobs started! Remember that big whiteboard w/ the added on sticky note cause there was so much to do? Well I've been working hard all month to knock it out and now this is about where EWG likes to be with about a 1 month back log to keep it coming in and getting sent out at a nice pace. Comics and some other jobs will have priority because they just require a super fast turnaround but basically will be doing in order of oldest to most recent from here on out. Will be streaming whilst working at random times during the work week, and 9pmEST Thursday night continuing my fanart piece in progress and taking donations for doodles on the EWG Twitch channel
Have a great humpday and rest of your week!

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