Autodesk Sketchbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Max Printable Resolution

February 2, 2016

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Couldn't understand why I'd work with a hires file and kept accidently ending up a lowres by the time I got it to my computer. After some experimenting and trial and error, I realized the problem. 1.) I AM able to use a verticle canvas of 2830 high by 1831 wide pixels (which translates to 39.306 inches heigh by 25.431 inches wide at 72dpi ) and the horizontal equivalent, work in autodesk sketchbook mobile on my tablet and transfer it to my computer and turn it into 11 x 17 at 300 dpi with no visible quality loss. What was happening is I'd transfer that to drop box and download it to my desktop and when i open it it'd be 800x1200 (roughly) and horrible quality. Not usable at all for hires commission orders. Not nearly printable. So if it started out hires and printable, what the heck was going on? Well turns out, if you rotate your canvas in the Autodesk Sketchbook gallery, it'll downsample the resolution when it resaves it at the new orientation, overwriting the previous version. And you just lost your hires work cause it over writes it. So 1, you are better to rotate/ crop it in Gallery or Photo viewer outside of sketchbook, or two, what im giong to start doing is just leave it's orientation alone cause you can rotate it while your drawing on it, and it doesnt matter how its oriented in the gallery. But if you dont rotate it in the Sketchbook gallery it stays hi quality. Also for the longest time i was using 2550 x 1600 but tonight i discovered i could max it out at 2830 x 1831 - outstanding! The two image croppings above are 100% size, at that resolution and opened up in photoshop on my computer after transfering them from my tablet and they are damn crisp! So, just a tip to new sketchbook mobile users out there, dont rotate it in the gallery if you care about your resolution. Do it in the Gallery App or Photo app that came with the tablet, or just wait till you get it to the computer! You can just rotate your 'piece of paper' when your workin on it anyways so who cares about its orientation in the sketch book gallery. Dont confuse the autodesk sketchbook gallery of works youve done with the gallery on the tablet for all your drawings, photos etc. The tablet gallery wont automaticaly downsize your photos and it wont do it to the art. 

Also, i highly recommend the Wacom Bamboo Smart stylus. It is a fine upgrade from the standard Spen. It is seperate and theres no compartment to attach it to the tablet, so often on the go i'll just use the spen. But I had long ago messed up the flimsy plastic button on the spen and couldnt use the air command feature anymore. Well the Wacom Bamboo Smart has a button and low and behold it works with the air command so I can use that again. Plus it has a much more natural feel in hand and reacts with the art tools and pressure sensitivity better. Shway recommend!

As I said to my wife today, I've been using it for around 2 years now and I still am learning new things about it. Great tablet, recommend. Probably half the price of a iPad as well. Or that new Surface Pro 4 they are billing as a 'creative tool'. Sure, I'm sure it is. But 2500 for a surface pro i might as well go get me a big 24 inch wacom cintiq!

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