Trying out New Pens - Traditional Practice

August 31, 2015

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So, in midst of straightening up my studio this afternoon, couldn't help but take a few minutes and try out the new pens i got from Pat Catans art supplies store yesterday. I inquired with a few artists in the past about what they use for their white areas and highlights, and many referred to a white paint pen. I believe one swore by Painters Acrylic paint pen too. Well I found a an opaque white paint pen called 'Painters' and also wanted to try another. I found a Sharpie oil based paint pen, figured sharpies were usually good so tried that too. I also picked up some new Pigma brush pens cause the ones i had were drying out and the tips were bad. I did a lights ketch in pencil and then inked it with one of the new brush pens. Filling in large black areas with a bigger black marker i have. Then I used the painters paint pen to go over it do white details and white out areas that i wanted to 'perfect'. To my surprise its not a perfect disappearance like if i was to do it digital, but its heck of a lot better than a 'white out pen' or any of those. It would go down bold and smooth and i could even taper the end with the right hand gesture. Then I tried the sharpie oil based pen. Total crap. Doesn't cover very well at all, doesn't come out smooth and bold and the oil based-ness just beads up and makes a wierd texture when it goes over top the waterproof pens and alcohol based black marker. So, I stuck the finished piece (once it dried) in the copier and it printed out a low-quality (i did not turn the quality up) black and white copy. It did a great job of producing a black and white image hiding all areas i went over with the Painters pen as if the line art was that way before I used it. Where the Sharpie one had been still showed up in the copy.
Printout copies are great to use alcohol markers on as the lineart doesn't bleed, so i proceeded to color the piece, THEN (and this is REALLY what I wanted a white pen for) I went over and did touch ups and highlights and shines. The Painters pen did even better at this, with barely any see-through and brought the colors to life with bold highlight effects. The sharpie pen barely went over the markers at all and i pretty much gave up a few strokes in. The Painters paint pen is the best and I will be using it from here on out :)
My traditional art endeavors got a little upgrade today :)

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