Good Morning! New Week, New Production Plan

August 17, 2015

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Good Morning! Its the beginning of another week and a chance to get on the ball once again. I've kicked the allergy meds and their withdrawal effects, had some really nice low key days off and hit the ground running feeling 100% this morning. Before I dive into some of today's TNC work (as you can see in the picture) I wanted to map out the week and make sure I had a heads up on what needs done and where I want to be by the end.

Part of what I believe has helped the success of Eryck Webb Graphics is the transparency. I'm not hiding anything from anybody, and if you ask I'll answer to the best of my ability. In that same theme I thought colleagues, clients and fans alike would get a kick out of seeing what a typical week looks like for me.

This white board hangs above my desk by my ninja turtles calender and is my guideline for the week. I try to keep it as realistic as possible but sometimes something comes up, something gets in the way or one of these items just takes twice as long as I've allowed for. So, if your in the queue, you can look see if your on there. Most everyone is. Comic jobs are in the morning, character art/ other jobs are in the afternoon. I will be relieved to get the July sale orders done for a while and have a bit more relaxed schedule for a bit. Till the next sale anyway :)

Have a great week!

Any questions or comments regarding this post and my production schedule can be left below I'll answer as soon as possible.

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