Rest and Reload-itating

August 10, 2015

Sometimes you draw your arse off in a fury of motivation and/or determination. Then some days you just don't want to pick up a pen. Today was one of those days. I did get a small warmup for my sister-in-law done today. Other than that, nothing. I partly blame the sinus/migraine headache I woke up with, and then the fog I was in from the meds I took for them. But a movie that provided some creative fuel for me today, was 'Journey To The West' on Netflix. An often comical but more often than not epic kung fu mythology epic by the fellow who did Kung Fu Hustle. Telling the story of Journey To The West and the Monkey King. Not sure how close it is to the original mythos but definitely inspired stuff. I recommend! Anywho, spending some time this evening revisiting my ol' pal the digital canvas. Hello ol' friend, its been about 4 days or so without touching you because of funeral/ viewing/ family stuff, but I told ya I'd be back.

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