15 Min Posemaniacs Sketch Drill and Video - 82515

August 25, 2015

 @takayukifukatsu #posemaniacs @posemaniacs.com #sketch #warmup #practice #drilling

Wanted to share the love for 'Posemaniacs.com' which provides a large and growing library of figure poses for artists to use as reference. I also more specifically love the 30 second interval program that can go faster or slower than that depending on your preference. I like to set a second timer for 5 to 15 minutes or to a half hour and just fill a canvas full of figures, switching every 30 seconds. It gets your hand warmed up, your brain working faster and if you do it regularly, there's no way you won't improve. I recommend it to aspiring and professional artists alike. After all, no matter where you are on your creative journey, your still a student. Know what I mean? Check out the image of the canvas I did from this morning's 30 seconds per figure / 15 minutes for whole session. And enjoy the video of it in real time. I sped it up a bit of course so that its more around 5 minutes but the session was actually about 15.

Thanks for checking this out! Please feel free to comment/ ask questions below!

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