Vector - Base Sketch - July Sale order

August 25, 2015

#sketch #figure #characterart

Liked how this character art for RodCom is coming out, of his OC 'Vector'. This is the loose base sketch, pretty much ready to ink and color. I am going to add a few notes about his costume for the inking stage but yeah, digging it so far. Again, most of these July Sale orders I'm doing in the theme of providing a solid 'profile pic' or 'character design' portrayal. So they're all mostly standing poses w/ some embellishment here and there to mix them up but pretty straight forward for the most part.

Getting last of the July Sale orders squared away. Yeah I grossly underestimated their time to complete but getting them done one by one. Don't want to rush them either really just tryin to keep them all coming out as good as I can. I think for the most part customers understand. That and I lost a good week from a death in the family so that will knock the wind out of everyone for sure.

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