Give Em The Finger - Personal Work

August 29, 2015

+Gary DaFinger @WFNGR696 #rockabilly #stonerrock #rock #redhead #robot #sludge #stoner #doom #amps #fuzzbox #barrel #exhaust #battleaxe #uzi

Finished personal work of an idea I was inspired to do from a post several weeks ago by WFNGR on their Facebook page. They had done a Photoshop mashup of their computer box and some random robot legs, arms and head and jokingly stated it was their mascot. They also had mentioned something about 'thought about doing a bad ass redhead but ended up with this instead'. I thought 'why not both?' and this piece came to mind and I was compelled to illustrate it. All the while enjoying the wide variety of genres and bands on the net radio station itself.
Penciled in Photoshop, inked in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop with various textures from my ever growing texture library of textures from around the web.

Fun stuff, hope WFNGR digs it, if they toss me their email i will toss a hires copy to them! Rock on sirs! I did not do a YouTube recording. I did however stream most of the work on this. And took work in progress shots along the way. So might do a process section post at some point showing the steps on this. Till then, enjoy and have a good night! And definitely check out ... very refreshing and exciting rock that you don't hear anywhere else. Discover something new that just tickles the ol' fancy on a regular basis.

Have a great weekend!

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