King Louie - Sketch Dailies Warmup Sketch

August 28, 2015

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Sketch of 'King Louie' from Jungle Book, for the art prompt today. Lately just really enjoy drawing apes for their proportions and overall physical design I guess.
I gotta find a better means of recording my work on the tablet, I realize the video on the EWG YouTube channel shown below isn't the most crisp clarity but I had it focusing as far as it would focus. Will try to find other methods of recording it. I wanted to show the actual hand at work not just time-lapse of the canvas. Done on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with Spen in Autodesk Sketchbook. About 30 minutes, sped up to about 5.

Thanks for looking! Leave comments/ questions below and I'll reply promptly and accurately as I can :) 

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