Drawing Request Show: Episode 69 Drawings

September 13, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #request

All these drawings have been sent! If you did not get it or the link did not work pleaset dont be shy, let me know! Thanks to all who came out made today a really nice stream. I was trying a few new things this week so it wasn't the smoothest stream ever but I believe it got through ok! Folks seemed to enjoy the raffle format that has been implemented this week. Every 30 minutes, a $3 minute drawing was raffled off and worked on immediately. The results above are mostly those wins! Giving away 6 of them each day all week!

-$3 drawing given away every 30 minutes. 
-SongRequest was enabled so folks had fun picking random music during the stream
-Enjoyed meeting a new face or two!

Come back out Wednesday and Thursday for a chance to win more $3 drawing freebies.

See you then!

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