Drawing Request Show - Eps 68 Birthday Stream Drawings

September 13, 2016

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Had a fantastic birthday stream on Thursday, September 8th 2016. Lots of fun antics and basicly a big on-stream party with balloons popped for every 10 dollars received and a special birthday donation goal to help offset cost of a slow week and going out to eat for my birthday. The stream was not without some awesome drawings, only made better by the loose flow of the Birthday Juice I drank the whole time. Tasty tasty juice of creative inspiration ... that was my story and i'm still sticking to it. 

- Hit 300 followers (and passed it)
- Popped a balloon in a creative manner per $10 dollars. 
- Did two giveaways, one normal and one for hitting 300 followers.
- Had a lot of fun!

Heres two highlight videos from this stream. The week recap video is coming later this week (was busy all weekend). 

Drawing Request Show hits / passes 300 followers! THIS IS MADNESS!

Popped balloons in celebration for supporters donations! Epicness insued. When all the balloons were popped the minimum donation goal was met!

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