Drawing Request Show 67 Drawings Recap

September 7, 2016

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Had a very very fun stream today and got a lot of epic drawing done. The requests were great and the chat even greater. Enjoy the 11 drawings above and and be sure to come back tomorrow 2pmET for Thursdays show. Will be doing a birthday stream on 9/8 (my birthday) from 2pmET-5/6 and the theme will be set around that. Epic drawing requests will ensue and wheels will spin. Shenanigans will happen for sure. So be sure to come out. Im going to try and start early!
Some highlights/ notes from this stream:
- The creative hype was out of hand as people flooded emotes and kept me pumped up through many of the drawings!
- We had lots of new faces eager to grab up some free 5 minute drawing requests and I look forward to doing them tomorrow!
- We had a 50 dollar giveaway for hitting 280 followers last thursday and I anticipate hitting 300 tomorrow on my birthday (how appropriate!). When we do it'll trigger a special celebratory stream for next week which will be a special of its very own seperate from the normal request queue!
- Though the Google Drive links i sent for yesterdays stream didnt work for a lot of folks I reworked it today and sent via Whisper so everyone should have their art now! If you do not please juset let me know i'll try to resend!
- Technical diffulcties abound today with the internet/ twitch connection. Will be looking into that a bit but very happy that the stream worked out anyways. Many thanks to the loyal 'Requesteers' for hanging in there.
See you tomorrow, lets end this week's streams on a high note :)

See you at the next live stream! Follow twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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