Leo Skatin' Warmup 91616

September 16, 2016

@twitchcreates #warmup #drawing #sketch #tmnt #turtles

Commission productions been at an all time high all morning, streaming, talking to creative-streamer fans and getting lots of drawing done! I think i have like a salt hangover or something from yesterday I didnt have enough water so chugging that, strong coffee and keepin on keepin on. I'm currently taking a quick break but will be back. Enjoy the juke box over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb in the mean time and use !songrequest [insert youtube link here] in the chat to add songs to the playlist. 

Be back when the timer runs out! This warmup was a blast, only took 15 minutes. Will have to get back into practice drawing, daily warmups, etc again soon. Eventualy webcomics again. I got stories bangin around in my brain waiting to get out. 

Anywho, time to wash the dog, and get some food! See you there!

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