Drawing Request Show 71 Drawings and Notes

September 15, 2016

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Ended the week's 300 follower celebration on a high note with some noteable moments.
Highlights include:
- A sad farewell to gratitude wheel spins for hosting my stream
- The final 6 winners of the ongoing raffle for $3 free drawing done instantly.
- Trayde the King Requesteer coming through with some outstanding support
- The longest Mad Lib I've done yet for LadyRat
- Learned LadyRat likes hellboy!
- A successful mini-raid on a cool fellow streamer, and was his first official raid (honored Nelsonjav!)

Its official that starting Monday I will no longer spin the gratitude wheel for anything but at least a $1 donation without a request attached. Heres a highlight of that moment, enjoy:

Watch 'Gratitude Wheel Quits Or Does It?' on the EWG YouTube Channel:

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