Drawing Request Show 70 Drawings Recap

September 14, 2016

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All art is now sent! Holy crap, had some fun drawing requests. Broke par for the first time in the war. I average about 10-12 drawings per stream this is 13. Not too shabby! Today is the first day in a slightly adjusted format for the stream.

Heres a few things that changed starting today:
- Max pencils is 15, Inks are still 30 and done off stream still, and inks/ colors are 45 now.
- VIP system is back in place. People who pay more get upfront more.
- The 3min drawing request giveaways seem to be a hit and are a lot of fun. Congrats to all who have won some so far.
- No more free requests. Must pay at least $1 to get a 1 minute request and so on. I give enough away via gratitude wheel and giveaways this shouldnt be a problem. Hangout long enough your bound to win something.
- The general scale is $1-5 is bust drawing (or more at my disgression), 6-10 is simple lineart drawing, 15 is full blown sketch drawing with extra shading/ white enhancements. Sometimes even color if time.
- For now to save time, the animated intro is removed and theres no warmup period.
- When/ if I run out of requests I'll work on upgrades live.

One further announcement as I have decided to have a better balance of my time and what I spend it on I will no longer be doing episode recap videos. I will however when I feel theres a highlight I want to hold onto/ post to EWG YouTUBE from my streams I will post them. Like particularly epic drawing sessions/ chat moments and stream moments. Look forward to that.

Alright, I know its hard to believe ( hur hur ) but I have not even been at this a full year yet and am still fine tuning the format a bit. Stick with me and witness the evolution babyyyyyy (or sompin).


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