Drawing Request Show Episode 63 Drawings

August 30, 2016

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As of this post, all these pieces have been sent to their requesters. Todays stream was, as others have been, with a unique trend. This one was full of 2 minutes and 3 minute sketches and most under or around 10 minutes. A slew of requests were skipped and will be done in a future show because those folks werent present, and there was some miscommunication and lots of fun lucky streakness for birthday boy VOAdam. Fun stuff all around. Congrats to the 3 winners Lynxie, TamTam and LadyRat. We passed the Follower Goal and then some today so Thursday we will end the week with a $50 giveaway special. See folks tomorrow 2pmET and Thursday as well. Will post a recap video of the week at the end of the week!

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